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As a proud parent, you’ll notice that most of these snapshots from the past few years are of my adorable kids. But if you keep scrolling down, you’ll discover a handful of my personal favorite memories from life before I became a father.

These albums are just a peek into my extensive photo collection, which you can find all over the web on my personal journal, family blog, Mastodon and Twitter (before I took a break from it). I hope you enjoy browsing through them and getting to know me and my family a bit better!

Preparing for Mother’s Day
Holi at School
At Winter Wonderland
Christmas at Kenwood
2022 in review
Christmas time
Oscar’s fourth birthday
Tense Pokémon battle
Dotty room
At the seaside
Over the years
Wedding in Madras
Wedding in Oslo
Colourful Madras
Service Design Jam
Save the date cupcakes
Arrested development
Anjana and Varun’s wedding
Little red balloon
More little Sophia
In and around Reykjavik
Little Sophia
Sipping Cioccolato Caldos in Venice
Gallivanting across Scandinavia
Breakfast on May 17
Ivan and Romana’s classroom
Swimming and singing in Smögen
Geetha and Ashwin’s wedding
Molly turns three oh!
A summer morning
Tiny happy people