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Harish at his wedding
Harish at a party

Hi, I’m Harish Narayanan

I’m a scientific computing Ph.D. who loves learning about and building sophisticated web apps. My focus at the moment is on applications of deep learning, and understanding how to build reliable distributed systems. I share what I learn through my writing, talks and open source projects.

If this stuff is exciting to you too, do get in touch!

I’m currently one of the founders at Edgefolio, a startup building effective solutions for different stakeholders in the asset management industry. My everyday work involves defining innovative products, shipping high-quality code, and growing and leading a team. Previously, I was an applied mathematician and computational biologist studying a range of interesting problems in biophysics. You can find out more about my professional history on LinkedIn.

In addition to delving into new fields and growing a startup, these past few years have seen me becoming the father of two cute baby boys.

Being silly on Mastodon is how I cope with the excitement of it all.